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The number of tourist arrivals to Macau during the five-day period encompassing the Ching Ming Festival and Easter stood at above 404,000, according to data released by the city’s Public Security Police.The local authorities did not provide any year-on-year comparison.During the Ching Ming Festival, Macau recorded a total of 74,727 visitor arrivals. In Macau, mainland China, and Hong Kong, the festival – also known as ‘Tomb-Sweeping Day’ in English – ku bet is a public holiday. This year, it fell on April 5, as calculated under the lunar calendar.During ku bet the three-day Easter period, Macau logged approximately 263,000 visitor arrivals. The highest daily tally was on Easter Saturday, when the city reported more than 93,000 such arrivals.Good Friday and Easter Saturday are public holidays in Macau and in neighbouring Hong Kong. Easter Monday (April 10 this year) is also a public holiday in Hong Kong.The Easter period – a Christian celebration – is not a holiday in mainland China, the main feeder market for Macau’s casino sector.Macau recorded nearly 5 million visitor arrivals in the first quarter, with about a third of those being visitors from Hong Kong, according to a Saturday press release from Macao Government Tourism Office.The city cancelled with effect from January 8 most of its travel restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, dropping all testing requirements for inbound travellers from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.