White Paper: Better Change – Does the UK Government casino games need to do more?

“This is only one step in working towards new legislation which will revitalise our sector.” This is the view of Victoria Reed from Better Change, on UK gambling’s new legislations.The gambling White Paper was released on 27 April, laying out the UK Government’s plan for the reform of gambling regulation following the review of the Gambling Act 2005.There have been conflicting opinions on the strictness of the White Paper since it has come out; with some people thinking it needs to be firmer and more strict.Victoria Reed, Founder at Better Change (Gibraltar) Limited, a safer gambling advocacy firm, has spoken on the White Paper and how it has been welcomed with open arms in Gibraltar. It could still, however, do with improvements…She said: “Better Change (Gibraltar) Limited welcomes the release of The Government White Paper. The introduction of the statutory levy is an encouraging sign, while the White Paper’s intentions to bring regulation in line with decades of digitalisation is overdue. We also recognise, however, that this is only one step in working towards new legislation which will revitalise our sector.”Reed also stated that a review of capping online stake casino games limits and a move to level the playing field with offline providers is long overdue: “The reputation of the offline gambling sector has been unfairly tarnished by stories of runaway and life-changing losses of those gambling on online sites where there are currently no limits.”A move to put sensible limits in place across the board to protect players, especially the young and vulnerable, is welcome.”Better Change believes any gambling legislation must be made for the benefit of the consumer: “We need to empower a sector to act decisively and confidently to promote positive play, which includes responsible use of bonuses and swift action when potential harm is identified.”